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About us

CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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What Can You Do?

Object to the planning applications

It is not to late to write to Tewkesbury Borough Council and object to the planning applications. Different people will have their own reasons for objecting, but we know that objections have been raised on the grounds of :

We believe that the expansion cannot be justified on safety grounds, and will
lead to more noise, pollution and longer opening hours. To generate the revenue
necessary to finance the expansion the airport would have to attract further Business and commercial flights. The Instrument Landing System that they plan to install would lead to an intensification of training flights. The larger aircraft that the airport hope to attract create significantly more CO2 and other greenhouse gases than the light aircraft which currently predominate at the airport.

The planning officer handling the applications made by the Airport is John Hinett. Letters concerning the plans can be sent to him at :

Development Services,
Tewkesbury Borough Council,
Gloucester Road,
GL20 5TT

The planning applications references are 06/01668/FUL, 06/01669/FUL, 06/01670/FUL and 06/01671/FUL.

Letters can also be sent to the members of the planning commitee, who will be deciding in due course whether the plans should be permitted or not.

Parish Councils

The Parish Councils of Churchdown, Staverton and Badgeworth will represent the views of local residents to the Tewkesbury Borough Council Planning Commitee. Let your local Parish Council know what you think.


Make sure other people are aware of the airport's plans. Tell your neighbours and friends! There has now been some coverage of the airport's plans in the Gloucestershire Echo, but very little in the Gloucester Citizen; write to or phone the Citizen or Echo and let them know your views.

Object to your council spending your money on expanding the airport!

The airport is jointy owned by Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucester City Council. For the expansion to go ahead the two shareholders will have to lend the airport the money to implement their plans.

You can email the Cabinet of Gloucester City Council and tell them what you think by clicking here.

You can email the Cabinet of Cheltenham Borough Council and tell them what you think by clicking here.