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CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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Current Status

Last updated 23rd April 2009

Before the Airport can expand it requires planning permission from Tewkesbury Borough Council and funding from it's shareholders.

Let us know if you can provide more up to date information.

Planning applications

The four planning applications submitted by the Airport in 2006 will be considered by the Tewkesbury Borough Council (TBC) Planning Committee on the 30th April 2009.

The planning officer handling the applications has recommended that the Committee permit three of the applications and refuse the fourth.

The appendix containing the officers reports and recommendations for item 5c is currently at this address :


Emails can be sent to the members of the planning commitee, who will be deciding whether the applications should be permitted or not by clicking here.

The planning officer handling the applications made by the Airport is Mr J.Hinett. Letters concerning the plans can be sent to him at :

Development Services,
Tewkesbury Borough Council,
Gloucester Road,
GL20 5TT

It is not to late to write to Tewkesbury Borough Council and object to the planning applications. Different people will have their own reasons for objecting, but we know that objections have been raised on the grounds of :

Cheltenham Borough Council

As one of the two joint owners of the Airport, Cheltenham Borough Council have approved the airports plans.

The report by the Joint Airport Scrutiny Working Group (JASWG), set up by Cheltenham and Gloucester Scrutiy Comittees, is available on the Cheltenham Borough Council web site :

The JASWG report was endorsed by Cheltenham Borough Council Cabinet on 12th Febraury 2008. The Cabinet endorsement was subject to the Airport obtaining planning permission from Tewkesbury Borough Council and devising a 'green policy'. The full Council have not yet approved the loan to the Airport.

Gloucester City Council

Gloucester City Council have agreed to support the Airport's plans, subject to a sucessful re-evaluation of the the Airport business plan. It will also require agreement with Cheltenham Borough Council over provison of the five acres of Gloucester City Council owned land required to extend the Airport to accomodate the modified runway.