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CASE are local residents concerned about plans to expand Gloucestershire (Staverton) airport.


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Object to your council spending you money on expanding the airport!

The airport is jointy owned by Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucester City Council. For the expansion to go ahead the two shareholders will have to lend the airport the money to implement their plans. A working group was set up by the Council's "Economy and Business Improvement Overview and Scrutiny" committee to examine the airport's business plan and make a recommendation to the Council Cabinet who ultimately made the decision.

In due course the Joint Airport Scrutiny Working Group (JASWG) set up by Cheltenham and Gloucester Scrutiy Comittees produced a report that recommended that the business plan be supported by the two Councils. The report is available on the Cheltenham Borough Council web site :

On 16 January 2008, Cheltenham Borough Council’s Economy and Business Improvement Overview and Scrutiny Committee considered the recommendation from the JASWG that the business case for Gloucestershire Airport’s plans is approved by cabinet. They voted to endorse the JASWG report, but at the same time also decided to add a cap on the number of aircraft movements. The details of the cap are still to be decided.

The voting was not unanimous, and some of the committee members will prepare a separate report that expresses their view that the Cabinet should not support the business plan.

The JASWG report was then considered by the Council Cabinet on 12th February 2008.The Cabinet voted to support the Airports plans, conditional on planning approval being granted and a acceptable green policy being developed by the airport.

We believe that the expansion cannot be justified on safety grounds, and will lead to more noise, pollution and longer opening hours. To generate the revenue necessary to finance the expansion the airport would have to attract further business and commercial flights. The Instrument Landing System that they plan to install would lead to an intensification of training flights and more commercial flights. The larger aircraft that the airport hope to attract create significantly more CO2 and other greenhouse gases than the light aircraft which currently predominate at the airport.

Our objections are details in a report that can be read here.